Chasing Meg

My name's Meg, see title. I decided to go to Puerto Rico on a whim, alone. Follow me while I frolic through the rainforest, meditate by the ocean, and lace up my trainers to run all around another beautiful island.

I’m a Avatar! Last night I got to cross this off my bucket list.This was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. And I mean awesome in the truest sense of the word: an overwhelming sense of admiration and reverence; inspiring awe.

In 5 places in the world, exist these little single cells organism pyrodinium bahamense, 3 of which are in Puerto Rico, 2 of which are actually thriving. Their name basically means fire in movement from what I understood. At night, their bioluminescence is activated by any movement in the water and they glow neon green. It’s a survival mechanism. As being on the bottom of the food chain, as krill swim around and suck them in, it causes them to stir and luminesce. The bigger predators eat them, so on and so forth. Pretty cool.

Well I heard about this and always wanted to see it but didn’t expect it to be so awesome.

So I took a kayak tour starting in Las Croabas in Farajado. We kayaked though the mangrove for about a mile to reach the secluded bay. The kayaks we tandem so I got paired up with another solo traveler Tyler - really cool guy. Tyler’s a biology professor from Ohio who just picked up and decided to go to PR too. Post about all the really wonderful people I am meeting to come later (unexpected wonderful part of this solo trip). It’s twisty and dark and going in a group of inexperienced kayakers made for some great bumper boats.

But when you get there, the stars are SO bright and the moonlight is beautiful. The moonlight makes it harder to see the luminescence so they gave us a tarp to cover the light. When you dip your hand in, the water looks like a glowing aura around it. Every time you push your padel through the water, it leaves a trail of light in the water. When you pick up the water you hands, it’s like a handful of glitter falling through your fingers.

Unfortunately, it was basically impossible to capture on iPhone. That speckled looking picture doesn’t give it a fraction of justice.

Incredible nontheless.