Chasing Meg

My name's Meg, see title. I decided to go to Puerto Rico on a whim, alone. Follow me while I frolic through the rainforest, meditate by the ocean, and lace up my trainers to run all around another beautiful island.

Haha! 😻

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I know I am suppose to reflect on this trip and tell you all everything I learned and loved about it, but my life is currently the below gif to a T. Life slapped me on the wrist for taking that vacation. I can share now that I don’t regret it and would do it all over again and this current work/life overhaul was completely worth it.


never has a gif set described my entire life so perfectly

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Distance PR (actually 12, accidentally reset my watch) and cruising to this song for a soggy jaunt down Ocean Drive. All the closer to being ready for the half marathon! #100daysofhappy

Challenge accepted #100daysofhappy

Back to Reality

March 14 - playing Avatar in a bioluminescent bay in PR in 80 degrees weather while wild horses run around in the background

March 26 - reviewing an 800 line excel spreadsheet with a 100 degree fever in a March snowstorm 👌

Sicky in bed and pretending I’m in paradise

When in Puerto Rico, wear bug spray. Going insane!

Did that Asian…speak Spanish?

When you ask a woman in the Philidalphia airport if she’s waiting for the bathroom, in Spanish…and she looks at you like you have 10 heads.

😁😅 face palm.

As much as I loved Puerto Rican food, thank god for something that isn’t fried, deep fried, made of beef and pork, buttered, and served with a pound of rice and beans!